What's new at the WHOP!!

Good morning WHOPpers! 
Time for an update! In case you weren't sure we are considered essential, and yes we are open!
And we plan on staying that way:)
Today we have added chicken broccoli alfredo to our Grab N Go items. We also just finished a new batch on chicken pot pies (52 to be exact!) We know a lot of you keep missing them because they sell very fast, so please call early today, and hopefully you wont miss out!
We also have some family sized shepherds pies made and ready to go. 
There will be more meals coming through out the day so please keep checking in with us.
Also, please call us and let us know if you want anything special, or large quantities of anything, and we will be happy to accommodate.
Thank you all again for all of your business and support!! We will all get through this together:)

We are also selling toilet paper as well as paper towels, so if you are having trouble finding those items, we've got you covered!

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